NuVision Named “Faces of Modern LASIK and Laser Cataract Surgery”

Our amazing doctors have been named by San Antonio Magazine as the “Faces of Modern LASIK and Laser Cataract Surgery” yet again this year. It’s always exciting to be recognized for our doctors’ commitment to patient care, the advanced proven technologies they offer, and the incredible results they help our patients achieve. Read the full… Read More

Meredith from “Off the Ranch” Shares Her LASIK Story

We were so excited to welcome Matt and Meredith – famous for their Demolition Ranch and Off the Ranch YouTube channels – to Parkhurst NuVision for Meredith’s LASIK treatment. Matt brought his camera and documented the whole adventure, which you can enjoy below. Get ready for plenty of raw, real, funny moments between Matt and… Read More

Why Modern LASIK is the Obvious Choice for the iGeneration

The iGeneration, also known as Gen Z, refers to the post-millennial generation, but there has been considerable dispute among demographers about its definition. But just recently, Pew Research Center defined members of Gen Z as anyone who was born after 1997. In other words, Gen Z is the first age group to be born entirely… Read More

April 2nd of 2019 Changed My Life!

I have been living with awful vision since the 3rd grade and for the last couple of years I was getting so tired of wearing glasses and contacts. Especially I feel my life seems to revolve around how many contacts I need to have with me, the contact solutions, the extra contact case… The glasses,… Read More

Finding Ways To Pay For Vision Correction Surgery

For most people, paying for vision correction surgery takes planning and consideration. There are many options to consider when planning how you will pay for LASIK – savings, financing plans, FSAs or HSAs, and even unexpected financial windfalls. If you are one of the 8 out of 10 U.S. tax filers to receive a tax… Read More

New Laser Vision Correction Procedure Offered at Parkhurst NuVision

Because many military personnel and first responders work under visually and physically demanding conditions, glasses and contacts are often simply not an option. America’s finest have a new reason to SMILE! A new long-awaited laser eye procedure, called SMILE, is now expanding refractive surgical options for individuals in the military and those involved in full… Read More

FREE Snapchat Spectacles Giveaway at Parkhurst Nuvision

We’re having a blast with our Snap Spectacles, which you can see if you add us on Snapchat or take a look at our Facebook Page. But it’s not fair for us to hoard these funky new snap shades. So after a few days of snaptastic fun, we thought, “Hey, someone else in town may… Read More

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