Taylor Swift

Multi-Platinum recording artist Taylor Swift recently had LASIK, and while she loves her results, she was less than thrilled when Jimmy Fallon surprised her with at-home videos of her post-op recovery.

Special thanks to Taylor’s mom for providing these hilarious clips!

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman famously had LASIK after getting nominated for an Academy Award, so she wouldn’t need glasses to read her acceptance speech.

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Kim Kardashian

Kim decided to get LASIK after finding out that Kanye’s song Guilt Trip was about him wanting to tell her that he hated her glasses. When she found out, she quickly scheduled her LASIK consultation!

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Elton John

When you wear as many glasses as Elton does, it makes it easier to not have to custom fit the prescription on each pair!

I'M Still Standing Glasses GIF by Elton John - Find & Share on GIPHY

Michael Bolton

How am I supposed to live without you? If he was talking about his glasses and contacts, pretty easily!

Courtney Cox

Did you know that LASIK was Courtney Cox’s first big purchase after making it as an actor? It’s true!

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Weird Al Yankovic

That “Weird Al stare” would be so much less effective if it was covered by glasses, don’t you think?

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Brad Pitt

The legendary Brad Pitt got LASIK done to help his career. We think it worked out well for him!

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Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon had LASIK to help her while working as an actress, no need to put glasses on to read scripts or get dry eye from contacts!

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Drew Carey

Drew Carey still wears his signature black frames to keep up his look, but there is actually no prescription in them anymore. LASIK allowed him the freedom to pursue other activities he couldn’t with glasses, like scuba diving. #freetosee

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John Goodman

The glasses John Goodman is wearing in The Big Lebowski are real, but he got LASIK shortly after so he could #livefreely.

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Brooke Shields

Glasses only cover up Brooke Shield’s signature blue eyes, so she had LASIK to help move her career forward.

Dennis Quaid

Would this 80’s heartthrob really be the same with glasses? 

Kenny G

Kenny G doesn’t need any help in the jazz department, but he got refractive surgery so he wouldn’t have to struggle with contacts or glasses anymore.

Jessica Simpson

Between acting, reality shows, singing, dancing, and being a mom, it’s no wonder Jessica wanted to get rid of her glasses!

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Carlos Santana

Since glasses messed with his rock star image, Carlos Santana got refractive surgery so he wouldn’t have to worry about it!

Adam Clayton

Yes, this U2 guitarist had refractive surgery so he could see clearly on and off stage!

Melanie Brown

Scary Spice knows that refractive surgery isn’t so scary, and has been happily living her life contacts and glasses free!

Spice Girls Lk GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Julianne Moore

Best Actress winner Julianne Moore had LASIK to make her life easier and liberate herself from glasses and contacts.

Julianne Moore Fc Help GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Alan Thicke

America’s Dad got refractive surgery, and you can too!

Happy Fathers Day GIF by Pop TV - Find & Share on GIPHY

Cindy Crawford

No one drinks a Pepsi like Cindy Crawford. This supermodel and businesswoman had refractive surgery so she wouldn’t have to struggle with contacts and to be able to read the teleprompter for work.

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William Shatner

No, this isn’t the SciFi future in Star Trek. Capitan Kirk had LASIK to correct his vision and you can too!

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Greg Maddux

Yes, “Mad Dog” Maddux who played for the Atlanta Braves and the Chicago Cubs had refractive surgery to fix his vision!

American Pharoah Win GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Troy Aikman

Troy Aikman, the three-time Super Bowl champion got LASIK surgery.

Dallas Cowboys Football GIF by NFL - Find & Share on GIPHY

Derek Fisher

We think good vision is going to help Derek Fisher scout some new talent as the New York Knicks head coach.

Michael Jordan Basketball GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods got refractive surgery because he felt his poor vision held him back during his golf game.

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LeBron James

Did you know THE LeBron James had refractive surgery?

Excited Lebron James GIF by NBA - Find & Share on GIPHY

Dwayne Wade

NBA Champion Dwayne Wade got refractive surgery to help keep him on the top of his game.

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Tiki Barber

Tiki Barber played in the NFL for 10 seasons, and he got LASIK so he could see freely!

Wade Boggs

Did you know that the legendary baseball hall of famer Wade Boggs had refractive surgery?

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Patrick Ewing

Dream Team player and hall of fame basketball member Patrick Ewing had refractive surgery so he could live freely.

Patrick Ewing Basketball GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY


Richard Branson

With Richard Branson attempting world records every few years, not having to worry about glasses and contacts makes life a lot easier!

Bobbi Brown

As a professional makeup artist and founder of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, it’s no wonder Bobbi Brown got LASIK to help bring out her eyes.

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