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The Only Place in San Antonio Where You’ll Find Modern LASIK and Its 6 Advanced Variations

Your eyes are as unique as your fingerprint. So you should have a procedure that’s customized to your eyes. That’s why Parkhurst NuVision is one of the only places in the country where you’ll find Modern LASIK as well as all 6 advanced variations of the procedure.

From the breakthrough SMILE procedure to the latest in Reading Vision solutions and implantable contact lenses, Dr. Parkhurst offers the most advanced, proven technology to help you improve your vision.

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Your Surgeon’s Personal Vision Correction Story

San Antonio Ophthalmologist Gregory Parkhurst, M.D.

Today, Dr. Parkhurst is an internationally renowned and respected ophthalmologist who has helped tens of thousands of people enjoy the freedom of life with better vision. Why did he dedicate his life’s work to vision correction? Because he knows the benefits first-hand.

“Having grown up with bad vision and astigmatism myself, I can fully identify with your frustration, hassles, and even the risks of being dependent on glasses and contacts.

“We all have ’embarrassing stories’ from childhood that we’d rather forget. One or two probably popped into your head just now. I share one of mine from Junior High on my bio page in case you want a good laugh.

“In 2003, I decided it was time for a change, and I chose to have vision correction surgery myself. My vision was better than 20/20 within a week, and 15 years later, it is still exactly the same. This is the #1 reason I’m such a believer in the procedure – I know how much it can change your life because it changed mine. So come see us and let’s talk about how to get you the clear, crisp vision you deserve.”

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Take Our 60-Second Quiz to Discover Which Procedures May Be Ideal For You!

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Love Your Optometrist? Keep Your Optometrist! (No, Really)

“I really like my local optometrist. Can she be involved?”

Absolutely! We love our local optometrists too. In fact, one of our Practice Pillars is called Co-Management, in collaboration between our team at Parkhurst NuVision and local optometrists around the San Antonio region.

Through our Co-Management Model, you will come to see us for your actual procedure, and your local optometrist will conduct your pre-operative and post-operative appointments. You benefit from the surgical experience of the Parkhurst NuVision team, paired with the convenience and peace-of-mind that comes with the relationship you have with your optometrist. It’s the best of both worlds!

The Easiest Experience

At Parkhurst NuVision, we make your NuVision Process as simple as possible.

1. Easy (Yet Thorough) Exam – Our Advanced Ocular Analysis, or AOA, is the most extensive eye exam you’ve ever had. In about an hour, you will discover your specific vision needs and which procedure Dr. Parkhurst recommends for you.

2. Dedicated Vision Correction Concierge – At your AOA appointment, you will be paired with a Dedicated Vision Correction Concierge. This person will be your advocate throughout your vision correction journey, addressing your questions and guiding you through the scheduling, budgeting and overall planning of your procedure.

3. Meet Your Doctor at Your Appointment – At many LASIK offices, you may not meet with a doctor until the day of surgery. At Parkhurst NuVision, we think you deserve better. This is why you will meet with your NuVision doctor at your AOA appointment. He or she will address your questions and make their personal recommendation for which procedure will best suit your vision needs.

4. Same-Day Follow-up – Life’s busy. We get it! That’s why we offer same-day follow-up appointments as an option for our patients. Complete your procedure in the morning, come back and see us in the afternoon. Simple, easy, all in one day!

5. First-Hand Experience – Dr. Parkhurst and many of our team have had Modern LASIK or one of its advanced variations. They are happy to share their personal experiences with you during your appointment.

6. Straightforward Pricing and Payment Options – In addition to competitive prices, we offer a variety of payment options, including $0-down, low monthly payments or even interest-free plans. During your appointment, we will review your options for LASIK payment plans and help you choose the one that best fits your budget.

NuVision on a Mission

At Parkhurst NuVision, our mission is simple – to help as many people as possible enjoy life with better vision. We see clear vision as a right, not a privilege.

This is why we partner with SEE International for our annual Medical Mission Trip to Mexico. Each January, we are able to travel to remote parts of Mexico and restore sight for those suffering from severe cataracts.

Parkhurst NuVision Mission Trip to Mexico

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Come See Us

At Parkhurst NuVision, we have been honored to help thousands of patients from all over the world enjoy their lives with better vision. We want to help you too! We invite you to visit us for your AOA Exam. Click below to contact us now, or give us a call – (210) 851-9587.

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