What Our Patients Say


"I love my new vision! It's great to look into the crowd and see my fans' faces and connect with them. Thank you for my awesome LASIK results Dr. Parkhurst!"

George Strait - Country Music Super Star

"I came to San Antonio Texas to have the best LASIK eye surgeon perform my procedure: Dr. Greg Parkhurst. One of the best days of my life. Quick and painless miracle!"

Laney Chantal - Artist from SyFy's FaceOff

I think after a few years after surgery, I can now make an honest assessment of the surgery and the vision center that performed the procedure. I am in my 50s and had RK (Radial Keratotomy) in my 30s, with successful results. For 25 years my vision was acceptable. Two years ago my vision was degrading and changing throughout the day. I visited Parkhurst NuVision for a consultation and decided to have PRK based upon their recommendation. Today two years later, my vision still fluctuates and sometimes to a higher degree. I have sight improvement in the mornings and as the day progresses my vision degrades. If I would have done better research, I would have preferred sight correction to “later in the day accuracy.” Dr. Parkhurst showed genuine concern and wanted to help me share my experience. He has posted FAQS of the issue; RK (Radial Keratotomy) vision changes (fluctuations) after PRK. Parkhurst NuVision is a very well run facility with a friendly staff.

1. Tell them in your pre-surgery appointments; “My vision changes during the day, how will you deal with this change?”

2. If your vision fluctuates today, it will still fluctuate afterward, pick the time you want the best vision.

3. Do your research, there is plenty of information you should read.

Fred L. - Artist

"I have had trouble seeing with contacts for years. Now within less than 24 hours, I have 20/15 thanks to Dr. Parkhurst. I wish I had gotten Visian ICL implants sooner!"


Jacoby A. Professional Baseball Player

"Dr. Gregory Parkhurst are accustomed to patients crying after they undergo the brief surgical procedure that can transform them from being unable to read a large E projected on the wall to people with 20/20 vision who feel like they’ve re-entered a lost world. I know. I was one of those patients, overcome with amazement and emotion as the drugs wore off and I awakened to an almost primal awareness of my surroundings and the sudden realization that I could see like a hawk. So I just started crying.

I started wearing eyeglasses in the fifth grade after I tested 20/400 for myopia (nearsightedness) with astigmatism warping vision in both of my eyes. The degradation in my vision came quickly in adolescence. I went from leading my Little League team in hitting and pitching to not being able to track and judge a fly ball. I’d like to think the three different refractive and laser eye surgical procedures I’ve undergone returned my vision to pre-fifth grade acuity. The truth is, I might see better today than at any other time in my life.

Welcome to the 21st-century world of advanced vision correction, where technological and surgical advances seemingly come faster than people can learn about them. Dr. Parkhurst is at the forefront of this rapidly changing world, which is how we first met."

Robert Rivard, former newspaper editor, columnist, and author in excerpts from the Rivard Report "San Antonio Now Home to Latest Advances in Improvement Surgery." February 7th, 2014.

Charline McCombs

Charline McCombs is with her, husband, Red, the matriarch of one of the most philanthropic families in Texas. Locally, her name adorns the Charline McCombs Empire Theater downtown. Even billionaires suffer poor vision, and when they do, they wear eyeglasses just like the rest of us.

"I haven’t had good vision since I was in my 30s, and now I can see as far as you can shoot,” Charline McCombs joked. “I have very good vision in both eyes now, and I wake up every morning and thank the good Lord for my good vision. I don’t wear glasses at all, I’m giving them all away.”

Charline, age 85 at the time of her procedure performed by Parkhurst, said she previously had a cataract removed.

“I now have a lens implant in that eye, and Dr. Parkhurst performed LASIK on my right eye,” she said. “Red’s vision is great. He had cataract surgery way back when we owned the Minnesota Vikings, and our optometrist took him to a well-known doctor in San Diego. We are so blessed to have Greg Parkhurst right here in our city."

Surgery on one member of the family often engenders dinner table discussion among other family members with corrected vision. Charline said one grand-daughter subsequently underwent successful LASIK surgery at Parkhurst-Nuvision, and other family members are talking about who might be next.

-Excerpts from the Rivard Report "San Antonio Now Home to Latest Advances in Improvement Surgery." 7 February, 2014.

Dr. James T. Huang is a practicing therapeutic optometrist at the Dr. James Eyecare Center in Houston, Texas. Read his story on why he chose the Visian ICL instead of LASIK.


On 6/13/2013 at around 4 pm, I received the Visian ICL implants to permanently correct my vision. The surgery was performed by ophthalmologist Dr. Greg Parkhurst of NuVision whom I met because he did a Continuing Education Lecture on refractive surgery which I attended. After the lecture I asked for his contact information, thinking that the Visian ICLs sounded like a great option for me.

For those who don’t know what the Visian ICL is. ICL stands for Implantable Collamer Lens and is a soft lens (like a contact lens) that is surgically placed into the eye. The lens works similarly to LASIK in that it permanently corrects your vision, except unlike LASIK, it doesn’t require cutting and reshaping corneal tissue and it is removable. As an optometrist, of course, I’m extra careful with any choices surrounding my vision so I finally decided on the Visian ICLs instead of LASIK for all the reasons below:

  • I have dry eyes
  • I have relatively thin corneas for a high myopic prescription
  • I have large pupils at dim light which would likely result in seeing halos/starbursts at night time
  • The cornea in my left eye is thinner on the inferior temporal side which could cause uncertainty in the LASIK result
  • Personally, I didn’t like the idea of cutting through a perfectly healthy cornea
  • I wanted clear, undistorted and sharp vision during the day and night
  • I have almost no astigmatism, which makes me an ideal candidate for Visian ICL in the USA
  • I have big enough anterior chamber for Visian ICL Lens implantation
  • Visian ICL is the only refractive surgery that is REVERSIBLE!
  • Dr. Parkhurst is one of the most experienced Visian ICL surgeons in the country

My prescription was -9.25 with -0.25 cyl at somewhat of oblique axis in both eyes. After the implants, my vision is now outstanding. I am still seeing 20/10 which is twice as sharp as the gold-standard of 20/20 vision. In regards to my night vision, initially with Visian ICLs, I did notice mild halos around light for the first 6-8 weeks. Now I don’t really see the halos anymore. Quite possibly my visual cortex has adapted to the visual aberrations.


This is just a testimonial of my experience…so before you decide to get any medical procedure for yourself, please make sure you consult with a doctor who can explain all the risks to you.

James Huang, O.D., Houston Therapeutic Optometrist

"My LASIK procedure was a great experience. I’ve been wearing glasses for being near-sighted since I was 10 years old at St. Luke’s Catholic School. I was getting ready for my wedding in 2012 and I was imagining myself in a wedding gown without glasses — even though I always wore funky glasses and liked them. I was feeling vain.

My optometrist has been my eye doctor since I was little and he told me about the new procedure, and I just decided to do it. One week later I was in the procedure. It took like seven minutes. I got up from the table and could read the clock. It’s one of the most transformative procedures you can have. It changes things so much.”

Erin S.

Surgery Day

"I had my LASIK surgery this week. I'm doing great and can see so well. I don't even know where my glasses are and I don't care! I know this wonderful surgeon in San Antonio, he's the best. He even treated me like his mom."

Susan Parkhurst- Dr. Parkhurst's Mother

"I work as an optician, fitting people with various styles of glasses and contact lenses. I used to be a die-hard contact lens fan, and this year when I was told I could no longer wear them due to allergies, I was pretty upset. But then I heard so many great things about Dr. Greg Parkhurst and the amazing technology of LASIK at Parkhurst-NuVision. I was pretty nervous at first, but let me tell you, it was the coolest experience ever!! The office is beautiful, clean and very impressive. The staff was wonderful; kind, attentive and so friendly. And Dr. Parkhurst was great explaining the process before, during and post surgery.


It was such a huge comfort to know that I had one of the best of the best eye surgeons operating on my eyes. I had zero pain during the whole surgery, even afterward, and the recovery was amazingly quick. I tell everyone I can about my LASIK story at NuVision, and recommend to anyone who is thinking about LASIK to head their way.

My success story is what it is because of Dr. Parkhurst at NuVision. Make it yours too! "
Beth Moerbe - Optician

“My Experience with Dr. Parkhurst has been wonderful. He’s made my eyesight so much better than before that I threw my glasses away. My vision improved tremendously that I can do my job without a hassle. Thanks to Dr. Parkhurst and his professional staff for my better vision and for explaining to me every single step of the way!”


Tim B.

“I am very satisfied with my surgery and the caring individual Dr. Parkhurst is; he was very informative on the procedure. I would like to knowledge his staff for their friendliness and caring nature. Thank you Dr. Parkhurst for my great vision!”

Mr. James C.

“Thank you, Dr. Parkhurst, for correcting my vision and for making my life and sight better. I came to you wanting not to wear my readers any longer. Today, I can read menus, do computer work, read recipe’s all without glasses! Thank you, Amy and the wonderful staff for providing excellent professional and courteous care to me and my family- keep doing what you do!

I am amazed at your work Dr. Parkhurst. I am so very happy and have no regrets! Best Experience!”

Mrs. Tammy S.

LASIK Testimonials Texas

Click on the photo above to see a video testimonial from Refractive Lens Exchange Patient Carol Smith.

I have a horse and work a lot outside in the barn. My contacts were irritating and actually damaging my eyes. I tried glasses but got headaches from the frames and I was just tired of it. I heard about the opportunity to see near and far in each eye with Multifocal lens implants, and I jumped on it!


It is wonderful. It didn't even hurt; was fast. Now I'm seeing 20/15 in both eyes a day after surgery and its a miracle! I can see everything close up. I can read texts and small print. The freedom I have is unbelievable! This is priceless. I highly recommend this doctor.

Carol S.

“I am one of those people that get nervous and don’t want anyone touching my eyes, but after meeting Dr. Parkhurst he put me at ease. He was very professional and took the time to explain to me everything I asked he did not make me feel like a patient he made me feel like his family. He took the time to find out more about me as a person and not just my problem.

Thank you, Dr. Parkhurst, for making me feel so comfortable and giving me better vision!”

Mr. Alfredo O.

“Dr. Parkhurst is my new best friend! This guy is amazing! Very professional but with an air of loving concern. I was referred to him by my optometrist and somewhat concerned that I was going to let someone work on my eyes that I had only met once.

After THOROUGHLY researching him, and giving him the "20 questions" session, I was pretty comfortable. He carefully and unhurriedly explained the procedure in lay language - no big 25 cent words. I have been recommending him to all my family and friends! He knows his stuff and is very humble about it. Thank you, Dr. Parkhurst!

Mrs. Deborah S.

"I'm very impressed with Dr.Parkhurst's and Amy's enthusiasm, energy, and personal concern for my care. My appointments were punctual, fluid, and professional and Amy made it fun! I'm 100% satisfied with the results of my eye surgery.

I've bragged so much about the surgery that everyone wants to know where they can get it. Dr. Parkhurst's impressive list of credentials, expertise, professionalism, and personable manner put me at ease with total trust in his ability. Thank you so much, Dr. Parkhurst for changing my glasses...a dream come true! Thank you, Amy, for your compassion, knowledge, and patience. You are truly a gem that helps Dr. Parkhurst shine!"

Judy H.

"I have been using bottle-end like glasses since I was in 1st grade. Kids used to tease and make fun of me, and it hurt my self-confidence and ability to learn. Before surgery, I couldn't even see my husband's face or recognize people at church. Today after surgery, I was able to read a menu for the first time in my whole life. I thought I had no chance to be able to see again. When I was younger, I even went to the lighthouse for the blind for training.

Now thanks to you Dr. Parkhurst, I am able to see my husband's face, drive and go Kayaking, something that I really want to do that I couldn't really do before due to limitations with my glasses. Thank you so much for my vision. Today I feel I can do anything!"

Joyce B.

“Dr. Parkhurst and his staff are the consummate professionals: skilled and patient-oriented...and they're sincere about how they do their jobs. I am so happy with the results that I have shared my experiences with family, friends, and co-workers. Thank you, Dr. Parkhurst and the entire team at Parkhurst-NuVision, for all you've done to make seeing a"better thing" for me!”

Wally H.

"I was a little scared to even think about eye surgery, but after meeting Dr. Parkhurst and his staff I was very comfortable and less nervous about it. Dr. Parkhurst and his staff are very friendly and they take time to explain every step of the procedure.

I have had a great experience at Parkhurst NuVision that I have told my family and friends to call him. Thank you, Dr. Parkhurst, for improving my vision and quality of life! You all have been so patient, professional and kind! “

Colleen C.

“Dr. Parkhurst and his team have always treated me with respect and empathy with my vision needs. Their professionalism and care are present in every single step of the procedure and the results are amazing. I can now see!”

Jose S.

“I couldn’t be happier with my experience with Dr. Parkhurst and staff. Everyone is always in a positive vibe and so focused on customer service. They are very professional from the moment you call to all the way when you meet Dr. Parkhurst.

Dr. Parkhurst and all staff…Thank you a thousand times over for your professionalism and for giving me the opportunity to have a life without glasses. It’s Amazing!”

Nicole C.

"I was really nervous and somewhat scared when I knew I needed Cataract Surgery, But Dr. Parkhurst gave me so much confidence as he took time to explain in detail the process he was very professional. I was very impressed with his staff professionalism and how they take care of their patients. I felt loved and taken care of. I am so grateful that I can see. I ask God to bless Dr. Parkhurst and his staff for them to continue helping people see. 

Thank you, Dr. Parkhurst"

Mrs. Edali H.

"Losing my contact was God's way of telling me to call Dr. Parkhurst and have surgery!"


Wilbert F.

"Dr. Parkhurst is an exceptionally skilled doctor and a very caring gentleman. His staff mirrors his drive for great patient care and high-quality service."

Kim R.

"San Antonio is lucky to have this surgeon."

Dr. Sara B., Houston Optometrist

"When I was told I needed cataract surgery my first thought was No Way!!! When I discovered that I really wasn't seeing as well with glasses as I should I finally called Dr. Parkhurst Nuvision. Met the staff and Dr. Parkhurst and they were very reassuring professionals and understood I was terrified about surgery. They explained and educated me on the procedure and I decided to schedule surgery!

The surgery was a piece of cake and thanks to Dr. Parkhurst I can now see great and can't wait to get my second eye done! No more cataracts for me! Thank you Parkhurst NuVision!"

Patricia F.

"I am the happiest person alive; I thank Dr. Parkhurst and his staff for the amazing service and passion to educate their patients. I was suffering from cataracts and was afraid to get surgery and when I came to Dr. Parkhurst he made me feel so comfortable and answers all my questions and explained every step.

I've been recommending Dr. Parkhurst to all my family and friends...Thank you, Dr. Parkhurst, I can see Great!"

Thelma P.

Amazing. I am one of the lucky ones: glasses in 3rd grade and contacts in 5th grade. I have been wearing some type of glasses for over 50 years. During my annual checkup, my regular eye doctor, Dr. Greeman, noticed that my cataracts had started to grow quite rapidly. God Bless him - he sent me to Dr. Parkhurst.

I was greeted by Dr. Parkhurst's office staff with professionalism, courtesy, and kindness. My pre-op visits were wonderful - Dr. Parkhurst explained what was happening in my eyes with cataracts, how the surgery was going to improve my eyesight, how the surgery was going to be performed, and that I would probably never have to wear glasses again. Well, that sounded awesome but . . . I was as nervous as I could be. The day of the surgery everyone was so calm and kind and understood how terribly nervous I was. Everything was checked, re-checked and checked again. The entire staff was very reassuring that all would be ok. Well, then it was time. The entire procedure took only 15 minutes and I was out of there!

They rolled me out of the operating room with only a little clear patch over my eye and it had tiny little holes in it. I could not believe what I was seeing through one of those little holes - the world was clear and bright and there were leaves on the trees again. I know everyone is nervous when it comes to their eyes. I am looking forward to my next surgery in a few days and I am not nervous at all. I know that I will have the best care and the very best surgeon taking care of me. Thank you, Dr. Parkhurst, for giving me my sight back.

Dorris D.

"I am 78 Years old and have been holding back on my Cataract Surgery and then one day I could no really see what I was reading...

Thanks to Dr. Parkhurst compassion and expertise he helped me make an informed decision to have my cataract removed...Now I can see near, far and across the room...there was no pain at all or any side effects at all after surgery; You would not even know you had surgery if not for your great clear vision!"

Eileen S. H.
Originally from England

"Dr. Parkhurst is fantastic. I had the inlay procedure on my right eye, which is my non-dominant eye, in August. The procedure was quite simple and, more important, painless. It is wonderful not to have to pull out any reading spectacles."

Laura G.

"Thank you for your hard work with my ICL Surgery. I really appreciate everything you have done for me. I cannot say how appreciative I really am!"

Dennis T. Optometry Student

Thanks Dr. Parkhurst you are a young man with endless talent! You blessed a lot of soldiers with your talent and innovation, which opened the doors to greater chances of surviving on the battlefield! We are truly blessed for your service to this nation! God Bless you and your family as you move forward!


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