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"Overcoming the PRK mindset: Incorporating LASIK, SMILE into the military"

Ocular Surgery News - July 2017

Dr. Parkhurst discusses the importance of refractive surgery for our military.

"When you’re in the military, you’re concerned with your personal safety, but also the safety of the soldiers around you. If your glasses get knocked off while you’re knocking down a door, not only are you putting yourself at risk, but potentially your compatriots as well. You have to do a specific job, so if you can’t see, you’re potentially putting your whole unit at risk in the heat of the battle.”

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Formalized Training in Integrated Care

Best Practices in Integrated Care, Vol. 3 - July 2017

Dr. Parkhurst, alongside Kyle Sandberg, O.D., explain what hands-on experience means for optometry students, opening up the relationship between ophthalmologist and optometrist. 

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Refractive surgery extends beyond PRK, LASIK

Cover of Primary Care Optometry News - June 2017

Dr. Parkhurst details the breadth of refractive surgery, including the differences between LASIK, PRK, SMILE, IOLs, corneal cross-linking, corneal inlays, and refractive lens exchange.

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Rebirth of Laser Vision Correction: How to Start Performing Refractive Surgery

Eyeworld Cover Feature - June 2017

EyeWorld writer Ellen Stodola discusses comprehensive ophthalmology with a group of physicians, including Dr. Parkhurst.

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"Raindrop Corneal Inlay"

MillenialEye - The Pipeline - July/August 2015

Young boomers are all about having the latest technology, staying fit, traveling the world, performing in the boardroom, and having young eyes to match the youth they feel.

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