Caitlin Bailey: Ocean Explorer & Modern LASIK Patient

Meet Caitlin, an ocean explorer and Modern LASIK patient! We absolutely LOVE her story and are beyond excited to share it with you all!    “My name is Caitlyn Bailey. I am a natural history filmmaker and wildlife photographer. I am also an ocean explorer. I travel the world making videos on what lives in… Read More

Dr. Parkhurst Performs Surgery On His Own Parents

“I have had the privilege actually to perform surgery on both of my parents. My mom had LASIK surgery couple years back, and we did a technique where we maintained her far vision, but we gave her back her close vision to help her not to have to wear reading glasses. My dad had a similar thing…. Read More

Meet No Shame Shane: Modern LASIK Patient Extraordinaire

  “It’s amazing. I really cannot express how amazing it is, the ability to wake up and just see my world around me, not to worry about something.  I think the day that I said, “I’m actually going to do this”, is when I sat his office.  I did a lot of research. I’m one… Read More

Super Bowl Refereeing Demands Excellent Vision

This Sunday is the National Football League’s championship game – Super Bowl LII and millions of football fans will have their eyes glued to television sets to watch the New England Patriots face off against the Philadelphia Eagles. With all the passes, blocks, turnovers and tackles, the player action on the field is what commands fans’… Read More

El Salvador Cataract Mission 2018

Each year, Dr. Parkhurst travels to Mexico with an organization called SEE International. This group of doctors helps provide ophthalmic care and cataract surgery to patients who otherwise could not afford it and be blind without treatment. “During a recent SEE program in El Salvador, a woman and her young son brought her aging father… Read More

Laura MacKay Did Not Think She Could Have Vision Correction. Little Did She Know…

Meet Laura MacKay Laura always thought she couldn’t have a vision correction procedure because of the severity of her prescription. Hear her story and how she was able to overcome her life with the barrier of her glasses!   “My mom had LASIK, like, ten years ago and I thought LASIK was the only option,… Read More

My LASIK Experience

I have worn glasses since I was four years old. I vividly remember waiting in the drive-thru line at Jack in the Box with my grandma when I saw what I thought was a scuba diver climbing a tree trunk. After taking a little while to decipher what I was talking about, my grandma realized… Read More

“Let me start off with never did I ever think that I would…

So Many Years Wearing Glasses and Struggling “Let me start off with never did I ever think that I would have the vision that I have today, the entire process and LASIK results was a life changer. So much appreciation that you develop for the smallest details is so crazy especially when you realize how… Read More

Cataracts Threaten an Artists Vision

We recently had the pleasure of meeting and performing laser cataract surgery for Ms. Jeannette Cuevas. She is a wonderful artist who eventually settled on the idea of dull and blurry colors within her art. She hadn’t seen the quality of her own paintings and drawings in quite some time. In fact, after her procedure she had… Read More

What is the LASIK Success Rate?

Patients that come into our office to talk about their vision correction options often have questions about the LASIK success rate. It doesn’t come to a surprise to us, given the laser vision correction procedure’s popularity and performance in improving vision and reducing – even eliminating – patients’ reliance on glasses or contacts thus helping them to… Read More

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