Meet No Shame Shane : Modern LASIK Patient Extraordinaire

Meet No Shame Shane : Modern LASIK Patient Extraordinaire

February 13, 2018
by Parkhurst Nuvision

Meet No Shame Shane : Modern LASIK Patient Extraordinaire  


"It's amazing. I really cannot express how amazing it is, the ability to wake up and just see my world around me, not to worry about something. 

I think the day that I said, "I'm actually going to do this", is when I sat his office. 

I did a lot of research. I'm one of those kind of people that, when you go to buy something, I'm going to find, not just the cheapest price, but I'm going to find the best value.

I actually talked to a couple other individuals. Some were very inexpensive and it sounded too good to be true. This is my eyes. I want something that's going to be legitimate. 

It was like night and day. Getting the procedure, right when they're done, you can already see clear. Driving home, my wife kept telling me to hide my eyes. She goes, "No! You just got your eyes fixed. Don't look at things." I have to. It's kind of someone that's been sheltered all their life and they're just now seeing technology for the first time. That's what it felt like. I'm seeing for the first time."


If you are interested in Modern LASIK, give us a call at (210) 615-9358 or request your appointment here! We understand the struggle and would love to help you achieve your best natural vision!

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