Cross Reading Glasses Off Your List this Holiday Season!

Cross Reading Glasses Off Your List this Holiday Season!

December 07, 2016
by Parkhurst Nuvision

 Makin' a list, hard time checkin' it twice?

From Grandma's classic recipes to stacks of greeting cards, crisp and clear reading vision is the gift that keeps on giving through the holiday season and beyond.

Now, you can enjoy better reading vision and maybe even ditch the readers altogether thanks to a new vision procedure available first in San Antonio.

San Antonio ophthalmology center Parkhurst NuVision, founded by Olmos Park resident Greg Parkhurst, M.D., F.A.C.S., was selected as one of only three clinics in the United States to launch the Raindrop Inlay, an innovate procedure to correct poor reading vision.

This new technology is designed to help people frustrated with age-related presbyopia, commonly known as 'over-40-vision', by reducing or eliminating the need for reading glasses.

Dr. Parkhurst performed the first post FDA-approved Raindrop procedures on August 30. "We have had many patients who waited months for the Raindrop," said Dr. Parkhurst. "I'm almost as excited as they are to have this new option for their reading vision needs."

Two other U.S. surgical groups were invited to participate in the Raindrop procedure launch on August 30 - Chu Vision Institute in Minneapolis, MN, and Slade & Baker Vision Center in Houston, TX.

While the procedure is just now becoming available to the general public, Dr. Parkhurst was instrumental in the development of the technology. He and his research team worked closely with the FDA on clinical trials during the 6-year approval process. Dr. Parkhurst also traveled internationally to contribute to the Research and Development of the design the surgical methods surrounding the Raindrop Inlay.

Myra Martinez, 46, underwent the Raindrop procedure as part of the FDA clinical study more than a year ago. "The next day, I went to work, and I could focus," she said. "I could see the small print with both eyes. I didn't need my readers anymore."

Sicne the launch of the Raindrop procedure, patients have come from all over the country to visit Parkhurst NuVision in search of improved reading vision and the everyday conveniences it can provide.

To learn more or schedule your consultation, call 210-615-9358 or select "Complimentary Consultation" in the upper righthand corner to schedule online! 

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