Is LASIK Right For You? How to Find Out

Is LASIK Right For You? How to Find Out

September 20, 2016
by Dr. Parkhurst

As all my patients here at Parkhurst Nuvision know, we love helping people see better.  And for many, that means having LASIK eye surgery, which is one of the most popular vision correction procedures in the U.S.

But is LASIK right for everyone? The fact is, not everyone is a good candidate for refractive surgery (also known as laser vision correction surgery). You might be surprised to learn that at Parkhurst Nuvision, about 20 percent of our patients are ineligible for LASIK. 

Who is not a good candidate? Patients who have medical conditions, such as thin or damaged corneas or have certain chronic eye or health issues. Some patients take prescribed medications that could interfere with the healing process, which may make LASIK a less than ideal vision correction option. Also, some patients have difficulty setting appropriate expectations around the procedure, the healing process and the anticipated visual outcomes and therefore may not be suitable candidates. 

The best way to find out if LASIK is right for you is to become an informed patient. Here are my recommendations for doing this:

  • Really think about your vision goals with LASIK and how they fit into your lifestyle.  Are you active? Do glasses and/or contacts get in the way of playing sports or participating in outdoor activities? Do your kids grab and smudge your glasses when you are playing with them? Do your glasses fog heading indoors into air conditioning from our warm San Antonio weather? Do you hate dealing with your contacts every day? These lifestyle questions can put your vision correction goals into perspective and help you start a conversation with your eye care professional.
  • Do your research.  Thoroughly research the vision correction procedure you’re interested in, including the latest technologies available. This will help you understand not only how the procedure works, but also about recovery, risks and most importantly, if it fits in with your expectations. 
  • Come into Parkhurst Nuvision and let’s have a conversation about your options.  We want to hear your questions and concerns. Our free consultation can also help determine if your vision and eyes are suitable for LASIK or other vision correction treatment. Come prepared: we’ll want you to share your full health history with us, including any medical conditions, such as diabetes, that may make some vision correction options a poor choice. We’ll also want to know about any medications you are taking. 

Vision correction surgery is a choice, not a medical necessity. Being informed about your options is an important first step in achieving your vision goals. We at Parkhurst Nuvision are here to help you make the choices that are best for your health and vision. 

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